Glockenspiel Restaurant for a great meal and visiting

September 2014 at the Glockenspiel Restaurant in St. Paul - great food and wonderful visiting

​​​Vernon Keel discusses the fictional history book "The Murdered Family"  a book based on the murder of a GR family in North Dakota
Shirley Nitchke discusses her latest book

 Here is a sampling of the many programs we've enjoyed over the years

A tour of the Immigration History Center in St Paul MN (  )
Jaci Williams presents Games of our Ancestors
James Gessele discusses John Fast
Debra Marquart is Spring Banquet Speaker(April 2007)
Debra Vevera explains          (Feb. 2006)
Art Stabner discusses a trip to the Ukraine      (April 2005)
Allyn Brosz explains Passenger Lists  (November 2000) 

Carolyn Schott discuss the state of Ukraine in 2015 and what the political issues mean for the people of Ukraine.  March  2015

Duane Stabler presents a look at Agriculture in the upper Great Plains - through Grandfather's Eyes  - Photos to be posted later  February  2015

Pastor Alexander Scheiermann and Pastor Don Richman (translating) shares experiences growing up in Communist Russia then later becoming a pastor in an area near present day Volga region.  November 2014

Milt Ost discusses the material he gathered for his latest book Tumbleweeds Burning - A Novel

Nancy West shares her knowledge
Otto Pohl shares his knowledge of Eastern Europe

Photos from one of our many food events

Mary Wertz discusses archiving (Sept 2007) 
Mayo Flegel discusses his experiences while visiting Russia
Lew & Donna Marquart visit the North Star Chapter
Loretta Bebeau  discusses art of the German Russians
Margaret Freeman visits the North Star Chapter (Nov 2002)
Marvin Renich shows the ways of German Russian Blacksmithing and iron works (March 2004)
John & Sue Groh explain and demonstrate German Russian ways
James Gessele & Carol Just discuss "Lost in Translation"  (Jan 2004)
Curt Renz discusses Genealogy(March 2003)
Cindy Miller explains
Charles Weiser acts out how is Grandfather Gottlieb would say (May 2003 & May 2006)
Ann Braaten discusses Textiles      (Jan 2005)
Jochim Pusch's experiences as a German Soldier & Allied POW (2005 & 2006)
Tom and Jan Stangl explain EWZ Records (1999)
Gwen Pritzkau updates us on LDS documenation (Feb 2000)
Duane Stabler presents Through Grandfather's Eyes (Feb 2008)

Ben Lacques - who was Ivan Issak?  

Al Oster discusses his WWII Days (Feb 2004)

Robert Russel, Director at  Northern State University discusses NSU's efforts to document the Germans from Russia memories via oral history, how NSU will establish a GfR research center and how it will be useful for students and genealogists alike.  Although the focus is to gain information about South Dakota natives it also has included North Dakota natives since many ND native have family in SD too.  These photos also include North Star Chapter members who have been interviewed so far by Robert.  (Sept. 2015)

Kristi Graner shares photos and her story of her recent trip to Ukraine and Transnistria where her ancestral village (Glueckstal) is located. (Nov 2017)

The North Star Chapter "Ah One, Ah Two.........." A Musical Tribute to Lawrence Welk - Images from the event. (May 2015)

Hollyhocks and Grasshoppers Celebration at the NSC (Jan 2014) - The book launch was celebrated by readings and some special displays. 
Ron Scherbenski shares his experience with the Mennonite community in Belize (Oct 2013)
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Summer 2014 Hollyhocks Readings at Coffee Shops

DuaneStabler discusses the history of Walworth Co. SD with images of his book published in 2013 (Nov 2013)
Robert Russel from Northern State University, Aberdeen SD,  discusses the addition of GR archives to the NSU library (Nov 2009) 
Kathryn Dothy discusses her life (Sept 2004)

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