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North Star Chapter of Minnesota

Hollyhocks and Grasshoppers

Growing Up German from Russia in America 


‚Äč                        Watermelons and Thistles

Growing up German from Russia in America

Book Prices 
1 to 4 Books: US$ 13.00  

5 to 9 Books: US$ 12.00  

10 or More Books: US$11.00 

1 to 4 books: $2.50 per book ($US), $5.75 (Canada) 

5 to 9 Books: US$ 2.00 per book (USA); $4.50 (Canada) 

10 or More Books: US$ 1.50 per book (USA); $4.00 (Canada)

Outside of the USA or Canada - inquire as to postage as it may vary. 

Questions may be submitted to Carol at Caroljust@hotmail.com